Competitor information

Divisions & Classes

Dressage and Timed County Drive (Friday, July 20)

We offer the following tests for use, pony and horse - singles and pairs: 

Training Test 2

Preliminary Test 2

Intermediate Test 5

If time permits, competitors will be allowed to drive a second dressage test

The house rules Timed Country Drive with cones course will be driven after the dressage test; it will be no longer than 2.5 miles; may include a bridge and the cones portion of the course will be located at the nearby Empire Farmstead Brewery. Times for the cones  course walk will be posted for competitors.

Competitors can choose to compete in one or both of the Friday class offerings. The classes will be scored separately.

Pleasure Show Divisions (July 21-22)

Our pleasure show has been the main stay of our event for the past 41 years. For the first time, we offer a Utility Division along with our traditional horse and pony divisions for singles and multiples. 

Single Pleasure Horse, 2-wheel 

Single Pleasure Horse, 4-wheel

Single Pleasure Pony, Small

Single Pleasure Pony, Large

Single Very Small Equine

Multiples: Horses, Ponies, (large & small) and VSE’s (division will be divided if entries warrant)

Novice Whip, Single Pleasure Horse

Novice Whip, Single Pleasure Pony: Large & Small (division will be divided if entries warrant)

Utility: Single horse and pony (division will be divided if entries warrant)

Pleasure Classes (July 21-22)

The Main Ring and the Obstacle Ring are natural grass rings. Their rolling topography is typical of the country pleasure show that we strive to depict. In order to qualify for championships, competitors should enter the following classes for their respective division:




 -Town & Country Obstacles

 -Pick Your Route Obstacles 

 -Pleasure Drive-Pace

A note about the Pleasure Drive-Pace: This is a completely off-road pace that provides the competitors with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the surrounding lands while challenging themselves to arrive at the finish as close to the ideal time as possible. The nature of the course is appropriate for carriages of all types from antique to marathon-type.

Additional  Classes offered (not part of the divisions): 

 Antique Vehicle Turnout

 Carriage Dog

 Drive & Ride

 Grooms Class